avril 12, 2022
About Project

Back in November we were approached by an eye-wear company to shoot a TV commercial for their new national campaign “Monture Offerte”. At OTAKUS we are accustomed to working with cars and watches, however about eyewear we know nothing and therefore were pretty much placed in the hot seat. As if that was not enough OPTIC 2000 asked us to design the entire campaign involving film, print and radio commercials.

This challenged OTAKUS to having to think broader than just production and needing to explore way into the unknown deep waters as a full-service creative agency. We loved it, brothers bonding together brewing up a storm of note. Finally we settled for something simple that won the board over and expectations were met. 


The idea: The film opens up on a beautiful late afternoon at Lavaux, Montreux, Switzerland.In the distance, the viewer is engulfed in the beauty of the Alps stretching far back. The sun dances in the reflection of Geneva lake as we are drawn into the familiar nostalgia of the age old Swiss landscape.

As the camera slowly descends we witness a beautiful woman in the midst of her life. She is sitting reading, lost in the story. Beside her lies her loyal dog, basking in the afternoon sun. 

She then puts her book down, removes her Optic 2000 reading glasses and places it onto the table, thoughtfully gazing into the distance. It’s at that very moment the phone rings, startling her out of her thoughts. She reacts, unintentionally throwing both glasses and her phone onto the ground. A resounding crack brings dread to her eyes. She hesitantly looks down expecting the worst. To her relief she realises that she only broke the screen of her mobile telephone. She sighs in content as she picks up her Optic 2000 glasses, still intact.

Morgane Miller for Optic 2000
Morgane Miller for Optic 2000

The film ends on the tag line. « Ce nest pas parce que c’est offert, que ca na pas de valeur a vos yeux Chez optic 2000, la monture est offerte. »

« Just because it is for free does not mean that it is of no value to you At optic 2000, the frame is for free. »

Morgane Miller for Optic 2000
Morgane Miller for Optic 2000

What makes this campaign completely different from anything else that Optic 2000 has done the last few years is that we decided to shoot everything outside. We wanted to bring a visual familiarity across and connect the Swiss viewer to the story. Familiarity makes people feel safe, it makes them trust in a brand. In this way we incorporated the Swiss landmarks and landscapes, like picturesque old towns and snowy mountains, underlining the “Swissness” and thus further strengthening the trust in the brand Optic 2000. Because “Swissness” means quality, stability and beauty.

The reason behind the dog in the film was purely to make our lives more complicated … not really, everybody loves dogs. Our hearts melt away when we see these fuzzy creatures. Dogs are kind, loving, and compassionate, in many ways, dogs teach us to be more human—they forgive everything and never hold grudges. No matter what a dog is doing, they are always present in the moment. Due to these reasons, incorporating a dog into the film adds to connecting the viewer emotionally.

We also wanted to bring a colourful palette and meticulous set and costume design. Creating a stylised, visually captivating world that evokes feelings of romanticism and charm. By creating this atmosphere we are setting the mood to transport the viewer into a magical dream world of optics. Playful, nostalgic music further adds to the overall tone and amplifies the emotional depth of the film.

As humans we value time as the ultimate commodity. Time for ourselves has become rare. When getting the opportunity to have time to yourself one wants nothing in its path. Precious moments. Away from everything. Just you, your book and your reading glasses. And what we enjoy most, getting lost in a story.


Client: Optic 2000, Laurella Ranarivelo

Story: Xaver Walser, Axel Duarte

Production: Otakus GmbH

Talent: Morgane Miller

Producer: Axel Duarte

DOP: Ralph Baetschmann

Assistant Producer: Niklas Burn

1st AC: Remo Marti

Grip: Sven Emmenegger

Gaffers: Oliver Muff, Michi Iseli

Make-Up Artist: Matteo Leone

Stylist: Daniela Correia

Photographer: Daniele Barraco

Model Photo: Martin

Runner: Nathan Duarte

Driver: Daniel Métraux

Dog Trainer: Shezana Stojanov

Soundmix: Leos Gerteis

Voice-Over: Laura Lapeby

Music: Space Train

Creative Agency: OTAKUS

Copywriter: Manfred Thieroff

Camera Rental: Eberle Filmequipment Zürich

Light and Grip: FTK Zürich

Post Production: OTAKUS

Color Grading: Simon Hardegger

Director: Xaver Walser


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