Stefan Grah
Commercial Director
BIO Stefan Grah is a director based in Zurich, Switzerland, specialised in fashion films, commercials and documentaries. His dynamic and organic style has been his signature for clients such as Uniqlo, Audemars Piguet and Swatch. His work has brought him to countries like Japan, France, Uganda and the UK and...
Joni Hedinger
RUSH Director
Bio Joni Hedinger is a professional photographer and filmmaker who lives in Rapperswil, Switzerland, with his wife. The trained carpenter bought his first camera at the age of 22 and discovered his passion for photography among others through Instagram. Back in 2018, he decided to turn his passion into a...
Jon Guler
RUSH Director
Bio Jon Guler is a professional filmmaker and photographer based in Zurich, Switzerland. Finding his passion in landscape photography eight years ago, he is now specialised in outdoor photo and video content and was able to work on several high-end video and photo productions over the past years. He loves...
Xaver Walser
Commercial Director
Bio Xaver's dream was to one-day “when [he is] big”, travel the world with a camera and make a living by telling truthful stories that make a difference in peoples lives. Today I am a filmmaker and doing exactly that. It's long not a dream anymore. To transfer an emotional...