septembre 12, 2018
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Founded in 1888, the family company Bucherer has one of the most distinguished traditions in the watch and jewellery industry. At Bucherer, you will find an exclusive range of watches from some of the world’s most prestigious brands as well as watch creations from the company’s in-house atelier. Their history began in 1888, when merchant and entrepreneur Carl-Friedrich Bucherer opened the first specialist watch and jewellery store in Lucerne together with his wife, Luise, thereby laying the foundations for a successful family business.

Monitor for film production
Monitor for film production


This is a film about a brand sending a message of leadership in retail boutiques for its broad offering in fine watches and jewelry. A film that tells a story that in terms of hospitality, service, product assortment and expertise their service is unmatched.

Some things are burned deep into their DNA, things like modern tradition, inspiration and accessibility has them constantly striving towards improvement. Through moving pictures we confirm that what started in 1888 in Luzern, has turned into a rich heritage with a global reputation. The sensitive storytelling in brought through sound and carefully composed pictures, so that the audience can feel engaged and grasp the vast landscape within the world of Bucherer. The film guide the viewer to a better understanding of their rich heritage, global presence and the parallel worlds of today‘s online shopping. The story plays back and forth between a Bucherer shop assistant and a 30 years old female who is visiting the Luzern boutique. With the help of an animated globe it illustrates and visually show the world of Bucherer 1888 as a high end watch and jewelry retail brand‘s global presence.

The globe gives us the opportunity to showcase the different boutiques within the world of Bucherer and capture the full brand universe with its different target groups. At the same time we focus on clockwise actions, by means of camera movements, in so doing creating a positive feel throughout the film. This provides the story with a golden thread throughout, to get a sense of the world of time and class. Finally, it‘s about clever intercutting of the material with the music, to find ways of dramatizing the action so that the story comes across seamlessly and elegantly.

Xaver Walser DOP filming for Bucherer
Xaver Walser DOP filming for Bucherer
Storyboard Bucherer - The Globe Film
Storyboard Bucherer – The Globe Film


Written by Xaver Walser

Directed by Xaver Walser

1st AC: Christian Anderegg

Grip: Till Schlatter

Gaffer: Raphael Toel

Runner: Peter Gerhardt

Production Assistant: Carolina Kohler

Drone Pilot London: Mauro Bellanova

Drone Pilot Müchen: Andy Fiur

Animation: Patrick Baumann Daniel Müri Marcel Werder Roman Kessler Fabrice Tobler

Globe by Bellerby & Co Globemakers

Colourist: Roger Sommer

Music: Dave Kohler & Dean Montenegro

Client: Nina Schlink & Jörg Baumann

Location Co-ordinator: Ingo Zorc

Exclusive Producer: Daniela Berther

Production: Onfilm

Produced by: Christian Wehrlin & Michele Seligmann


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