This is the second of a series of nine films about ten grill recipes from nine different countries.

With summer in the air, grilling is upmost on our minds and what better time to be dusting off the barbecue and enjoying an open fire with a cold one.

The journey is accompanied by poems of places and countries to introduce each of the recipes, leaving Chef Stefan Kraus to bring across the simplicity of the dishes.


A piece of Scandinavia for home: Smoked salmon. Beetroots out of the embers. Dill sour cream. For connoisseurs of seasonal cuisine.

Smaklig måltid!

I‘ve have returned to the Northern Skies

Where the summer had not touched

The clouds that pass above

Oh and I have returned to the somber greens

Of the days too early to come and too early to stay

And I have left a million stars

And an ocean so lightly, so clearly blue

And I have left the warmth of the sun

And a million adventures not yet begun

Oh for once there was beauty, here for me

Under these white northern skies

And I felt the green was blacker

And the blue was darker still

My roots are lying deeper

Then I ever think they will again

Heartache and poetry

Under these northern skies

The great sense of passing through

Paolo Nutini, Northern Skies

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CREDITS Client: Rüsterei Restaurant

Concept: Thomas Sterchi

Project Manager: Beat Arnold

Chef: Stefan Kraus

Gaffer: Simon Pümi

Producer: Roberta Stanco

Voice Over Actor: Dominik Zeltner

Research : Manfred Thieroff & Christine Ludwig

Poem: “Skandinavien” by Dr. Frank Trautner

Rental House: Eberle & Blowupstudio

Production & Creation: OTAKUS

Directed by Xaver Walser

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