septembre 14, 2021
About Project

Back in June we had the chance to produce another film for our friends over at VORN sports. They are an innovative Swiss-based company that specialises in the development of precise and comfortable wearables, for high performance sports. Through analysis and interpretation of medical data their products enable professional demanding athletes to improve their performance in a healthy way.

Andrea Salvisberg
Andrea Salvisberg

Within the framework of this production, we got to meet up with Andrea Salvisberg, a professional triathlete and member of the Swiss national team. Being among the world’s best on your field means you have to constantly strive to improve and never stop expanding your limits. Tiredness, stress, magnesium deficiency, and fluid loss, are some of Andrea’s most significant challenges as they can lead to painful cramps. VORN tackles exactly this problem by measuring and analysing your health stats and helping you understand your body.

Andrea Salvisberg cycling
Andrea Salvisberg cycling

Being a professional athlete means to always pull through and never give up. Andrea inherited his passion for triathlon from his mother. During our shooting with Andrea in the Swiss Engadin we eventually got to witness his mental strength up close. It was the time right before the Olympic games in Tokyo and Andrea was waiting for the news if he had made it into the Swiss Olympic team.

Andrea Salvisberg
Andrea Salvisberg

So while he was plunged in the uncertainty of being able to live his dream and compete in Japan among the world’s best, his mind had to also be focused on our shooting as we needed him at his maximum, to run and cycle, from 4am in the morning to 8pm in the evening. Somehow, Andrea managed to give 100% for our film, cycling, running and acting like a champ! Finally, the good news came on the evening of the last shooting day. Andrea qualified for the Olympic games in Tokyo. Bravo Andrea! It’s funny how you can be strangers in the morning and end up cheering together like you’ve known each other for years already in the evening. That is the beauty of a film shoot. It has the power to unite us.

Andrea Salvisberg and his bike
Andrea Salvisberg and his bike

All in all, it was so much fun to shoot this film and we are happy to share the final result. We say thank you and congratulations to Andrea for his hard work and dedication. Also a huge thank you to VORN for giving us the opportunity and always leaving us creative freedom to implement our ideas and turning our visions into reality. It is truly a pleasure to work like this and we are certain that this always makes for the best results

Andrea Salvisberg running in Engadin
Andrea Salvisberg running in Engadin


Client: VORN Sports AG

Story: Xaver Walser

Production: Otakus GmbH

Talent: Andrea Salvisberg

Line Producer: Axel Duarte

Soundmix: Leos Gerteis

Music: Extreme Music

Creative Agency: OTAKUS

Creative Director: Jürgen König

Copywriter: Manfred Thieroff

Camera Rental: Eberle Filmequipment Zürich

Light and Grip: FTK Zürich

Post Production: OTAKUS

Director: Xaver Walser


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