PubliBike (OTAKUS rush)
PubliBike (OTAKUS rush)
avril 13, 2023
About Project

This is our first example of an « OTAKUS rush » production. This was designed for use in advertising in the context of Instagram and facebook stories. Whether making a classic commercial or an OTAKUS rush production, it’s always a great time.

Cast and Crew

Client: PubliBike

Agency: Contexta AG

Art Director: Sandro Grossrieder

Creative Director: Willem Baumann

Talents: Laura Sophia Becker, Silvia Pereira, Gabriel Zurbriggen, Sero Demir

1st AC: Roman Linder

Gimbal Operator: Sven Emmenegger

Sound Operator: Neil Bieri

Make-up Artist: Matteo Leone

Producer: Roberta Stanco

Production Assistant: Auriane Broulis

Music: Extreme Music

Post Production: OTAKUS

Director: Xaver Walser


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